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She made my day!

Yesterday, this cute li'l kitten followed my mom when she was coming back from work.She was sho sho cuuuuuuuttte!!! She saw a few bags in my mom's hand and she followed her up the stairs quietly, till she reached my house.She even tried to enter inside by trying to push her lil paws under the safety door! Poor little thing wanted to get in but only if I wasn't afraid of pets!(no matter of small they are!)
She was so innocent and tiny, that for once I wished I could keep her as a pet.But then I really cant hold these pets in my hand, they kind of freak me out.She really made my day, I was a bit bored in the evening as I had nothing to do.

Later, a few kids were playing with that cute lil kitten and giving her things to eat.It was so much fun to see her play with the kids!

Here's a picture I managed to take from inside my house(yes, I am too afraid of animals to go too close to them, they just look good from a distance).


TP said… cute!!!
btw same pinch...evn m scared of goin too close to animals...evn if they r cute n harmless :D
pj said…
:)We are like peas in a pod!