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Somebody just stop me!

Two of my biggest vices are my moodiness and impulsiveness.And these days these two things have been really starting to get to me.
The worst part is that my friends are at the receiving end of these crazy moods.And more often than not I ruin my own day due to my silly behavior.
One moment I am angry


the next moment I am happy..


the next moment I am sulking...


I am yellin' at someone


shutting myself away from people


The next moment I am dying to pour my heart out to someone


I am all excited for no reason and feelin' good


I lose my temper again!

.....and it continues..

And all this happens so quick that I really cant make sense of anything that happens.I feel guilty about the fact that others around me have to bear my cranky moods.And I cant help it 'coz I cant explain it myself!
I thought that the 'I am an Emo' phase was over long back but I guess its not gone yet.

So many thoughts just clog my mind at times that I want to tear my hair and say...STOP!

Sometimes wish my brain had an On/Off button!


Abhishek said…
Happens with me too... When u feel ur being moody...jus take a step back n do not talk much. Taking out some time just for yourself helps.. I try and do that :)
shruti said…
hey..that's exactly what happens to me...infact all d time n cant really help these mood swings...gotta deal wid it..d problem is wen d ppl around u neva seem 2 understand u n one cant xplain our emotions evrytime..
BIG Omi said…
really don't know if this helps !

But y do you care about people so much. Be genuine If your feelings (Mood Swings) are true then Friends will understand... ! all u can do is stop thinking about people around you their presence dnt make a difference.. if u wanna be concern then be concern abt ur duties.. study as a student , work as an employee/ business person .. Go longsighted friends/ relations/ feelings are just obstacles in way of success! dont let them be the obstacle try to convert them into your aids let them push towards ur goal dnt let them pull u or hold u back!

u can chose to overlook the comment i wrote! Mebbe u shud ..! Read Fountainhead once!
Hey its ok PJ.... :)
relax re... its just a phase... ul be fine... :)
yeah and sure call me up even if ur in a crazy mood.. ok??
pj said…
I do that too.I prefer not to talk when I am in a bad mood.That way, at least I keep myself from taking out my anger on someone else.

True.But in my case I got friends who give me my space(not all though) so it helps at times.But its true, that you cant just sit and explain things to everyone.It just doesn't work that way always.
pj said…
Thanks Omi, but don't you care about someone who you've yelled at for no reason at all?Especially when its no mistake of theirs?

I tend to put myself in others shoes most of the times.I just cant help but think of people around me.That's just what I am.It's good at times but not always.

I guess I just need to learn to deal with my emotions:)
pj said…

Yea, I guess.Its just that I'v been behaving that way too often.

and you want me to call you when I am in such insane moods?I can drive any sane person mad when I become cranky.:P

Its better I just shut up and let it all pass instead of talk to someone and let him/her bear my stupid mood swings!

anyway thanks!:)
shruti said…
i wish ppl could be more sensitive..but why shud we ever expect?
shruti said…
i wish ppl could be more sensitive..but why shud we ever expect?
PJ said…
I know its natural human tendency to expect things from others and then get disappointed when they fail.

But the fact is not all people are the same so you just need to accept that not everyone will live up to your expectations always(Even of they are your friends).