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*Thinking of a title...*

So far, my vacation has turned out to be better than I thought it would.Firstly, I met all my friends who I hadnt seen in a long time and there are still a quite a lot of others I need to catch up with.Secondly, I went to my school after such a long time!It was nice being with friends from school and reminscing old memories, talking about how we were in school and where everyone is right now and how some even got married!!(that was the most shocking of
But this week is turing out quite the opposite.I am here at home watching movies and staying indoors all the time.Besides I've got a really bad cold ...*sniff sniff* and its raining outside.It just feels like staying at home lazying cuddling up in bed and watching T.V.(That is so me!!)

I am not much of a fan of the rains(I dont like the gloomy skies) but this time, the weather was so unbearably hot that I am actually delighted at the arrival of the monsoon.

What's irritating though, is the fact that my internet connection becomes really slow during the rains!Arrgh, I hate that!Pages are taking too long to download on Mozilla but for a change Internet Explorer is faster.I am not an IE fan at all but I am left with no option but to surf the web using IE and Mozilla both.

So here I am blogging,sniffing and enjoying the view outside.
I'll leave you with a few pictures I took yesterday and today...
*sniff sniff*
okay, now my internet connection is not even letting me upload pictures...sheesh!


peter said…
I got a sore throat :(

you can Enjoi the rain,u can eat hot pakoras,drink coffee, watch TV. These are the classic ways or you can do it my way....go to sleep :P
awwwww.. he he... its cool...
btw love ur new template.. :)
pj said…
Oh, the rains aren't even here yet properly and are already causing a lot of problems:(

yea,all of that sounds great;)...eating and sleeping sound the best though for a lazy bum like me...hehe