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Vacation time!! :D

Now that all my exams and project submission is over I am finally,officially, on a vacation!!!And this time its for a month, which is quite rare.

This time around, I have decided I am not letting myself get bored by sitting at home and doing nothing at all.There are a lot of things to catch up on and loads of things to be done.So I am going to have to write them all done and finish them off before another hectic semester begins next month.

I used to waste months of vacations lazing at home simply eating and sleeping and staying at home.But after I entered engineering,I've come to know how important vacations are!I sometimes regret that the time I wasted before, could have been put to a better use in learning something or just doing something worthwhile, maybe something I like.

But hopefully this time I'll stick to my plans and make better use of the break that I've got.And the most difficult part of it all is not to put on extra kilos of (holiday) weight!I mean I can be a couch potato at times!

Anyway, come what may, I am going to enjoy my vacations to the fullest!!!


Ria said…
i hope u stick to wht u hav planned for. :) And enjoy since ur exams r over.

Btw i love ur template. Really cool!! :)
PJ said…
thanks ria,
Yea I love it too!!:D
TP said…
yeah...i totally agree..
u really understand the importance and value of vacations wen ur doin engg.
even i did....and even planned on a lot of things to do this time!!!!
and i hope both of us complete those things to do!! :D
pj said…
yea!gotta finish them off soon!