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I am lovin' it!!

Today,I bought the first book for this semester and I am so excited to read it! Its about Information Security in computing (that's my favorite subject along with Mobile Computing and Computer Networks).I've always been interested in networking and internet security. Now, I was so excited, that I started flipping through the pages of the book while traveling back home in the train itself!! I've never (in the past seven years) been so excited about my studies!

There was this time when I would top in my class and I absolutely loved my textbooks(basically I was a book worm:P).And then there was a phase after that, when everything went downhill.I remember telling my friend once, ' I just feel like tearing away my books and throwing them all away!' . My friends and teachers kept asking me...'What's wrong?Why aren't you studying??'.

Some time back, there was this professor in my college, who after looking at the drop in my grades since I passed out of schoo…

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see...

Last night as I sat down to read the bible, after reading a few verses of the gospel of Luke, I reached my most favorite verse..."For nothing is impossible with God."(Luke 1:37)
But I couldn't read beyond that verse.My mind went down the memory lane and I could recollect all of the amazing things that have happened to me over the past one year.

I thought about how God had turned the impossible into reality....

I realized how I am no one without Him...

It took Him just one day to change my life!And He taught me to love people.He taught me to accept people as they are and not judge them.More than anything else, He taught me to forgive people.

He picked me up from the rut that I was into for years and brought me here, where life is so beautiful!

And as my mind was drifting through these sweet memories...the song Amazing grace popped up in my head.And the song really struck a chord with me....

"Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost bu…

Smelly hands, smelllly hands...its all their fault!!:P

My hand is smelling with a mixture of perfumes right now! Reason? We dropped by at Archies today as my friends had to buy some stuff and there my friends used my hands as a tester for perfumes! lol!! It took my friend a good half an hour to finally make up her mind over which perfume to buy.

H(to D) : I bought this perfume for xyz (her ex boyfriend)once.It smells really good(smiling).
Me:Ohkay, so buy your boyfriend a perfume you would like to smell!!(I'll remember that ;)....hehe)
D: yeah!

So while they tried the deodorants and perfumes, I stood there smelling my hands as they sprayed the perfumes on them!hehe..And even after having washed my hands many times after I came home, I can still smell the perfume!But I wonder why then does the scent not last that long when you spray it on your clothes?!I mean, you wear the perfume before you leave your home and in less than an hour or so its gone already!!Strange.

Anyway....I am loving the scent!!;):D

My first experience at fainting! lol

(At the end of the post you'll realise how bored I am to write some silly thing like this!lol)

I always wondered how it felt like when one fainted.How people just lose control of themselves.Not like I was interested in experiencing it!But was always curious to find out.

And well, I did find out for the first time in 21 years what it is like to faint! Today for a change I woke up early to go to college.I was unwell from the past few days but ignored it thinking it would just get better all by itself as it always.But this time it took a toll on me.While getting ready for college,I passed out. I became unconscious almost for a minute.And for that moment, although I was still a lil in my senses, I didn't know what I was doing!Thankfully all this happened while my parents were at home!They picked me up and lead me to the bed but I still couldn't breath.For that one hour I thought I would just die and my parents were totally freaked out!
Mom gave me all kinds of home made medicine…

Revisting..."will they ever??"

Just feel like posting this today. I posted some time last year.I guess I am going through this retrograde phase right now, as always...
Will they ever learn to compromise?Will they ever walk hand in hand?Will they ever make peace?Will their tastes ever match?Will they ever become one? Will they stop fighting for once?Will they ever let me live??Wondering what i am talking about? Well...'they' are my brain and my heart! They are like these two different people living in one person’s body. Confused?? am I. Confused, confused and forever confused! They just keep fighting each other. One saying....'Do it!'....the other yelling louder 'you fool! Don’t you dare!'...The heart is this little kid which has no reasons. It just wants what it likes, not caring if it’s good or bad. It simply wants what it wants, case closed. And the bossy brain that considers itself intelligent and experienced, always overpowers the heart. The heart, like a little kid, wande…

Disconnected:Day 5

Its been a good 5 days away from social networking sites.I had decided to carry on for 2-3 weeks.But it seems tough and I had almost given up once.

I messaged my friend"hey pleeeeeease pleeeease give me my fb password :("
I was surprised when she gave away the password so easily.I was like...'Are you nuts?? You are supposed to discourage me!!'Nevertheless, I tried logging in and realized that she had fooled me by giving a fake password!(which was a good job that she did)

She wrote back,"I promised my friend that I would help her get rid of her habit and so I can't give you the password..I have no intentions of doing so no matter what you do :P !!"

Every time I feel tempted I keep assuring myself..'Just a few more days, dont give up!' lol

And as a matter of fact after that day, I never felt the urge to login to my facebook or orkut accounts coz I never had the time for it.Since college started I've been regularly attending lectures and trust me so…

Disconnected from the virtual world: Day 1 update

After a long thought over how to break my addiction to the internet, I finally found a solution.

I needed a break from the world of status updates, profiles,scraps and applications.But with nothing to do at home I couldn't help but connect to the internet after every two hours or so.And once I sit at my computer I don't get up for at least two hours(well mostly).

I realized as long as I had my passwords with me I was always going to use my facebook ,orkut , gtalk and ymail accounts no matter how determined I was to stay away from them!So what to do? Delete these accounts as I did twice before because of the same problem??No way!!

So, here's what I did.I asked one of my friends to change all my passwords.And told her not to reveal them to me atleast for a week.To this she said...'have you gone mad?....kuch bhi karne ko bol rahi hai!'
I told her that if she didn't do this for me I would surely go mad!lol
Its been affecting my studies too and this being my last year I…

God is a musician! And He's a poet too!!

"God please don't let me forget the words before I reach there!"

This was the first thought as I got up from the bed at 1.00 am in the morning to reach for my laptop.Yep, I wanted to note down the words in my mind that had appeared out of nowhere while I lay brooding over things.

Lately, things haven't been too good as far as faith is concerned.A person's spiritual life,in my opinion, is like a ship sailing in an ocean.Sometimes it shakes violently amidst storm and at times its smooth sailing while we enjoy the view of the sun setting at the horizon of the ocean.
I guess its bound to be that way .Anyway, personally, I've been struggling to hang on to my faith while things seemed so difficult.

But the bible says "and this too shall pass..."

Every time I am down.I try to listen to what God is trying to say.And most often than not His words end up into a poem or a song!
I remember, most of the poems I have written in the past few months about my faith are wo…

The man in the mirror...

I haven't listened to many of Mj's songs,mainly because I wasn't a music buff when I was growing up that I have become in the past five years. But I always liked 'heal the world', 'black or white' and 'they don't care about us'.

I watched the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday on CNN and the Mj special on many other channels and downloaded his songs.And ever since I downloaded them I haven't stop listening to them!!
It wouldn't be wrong to say Jackson earned more fame when he died than when he was alive.He started his career at 10 years of and shot to fame with his album Thriller.But then, as is the case with most celebrities, he was caught in lot of controversies specially the child sexual abuse in 1993(in which he was acquitted) .
In the last few years he had almost started to look like a skinny ghost!!

Nevertheless, his songs will always remain a hit with people for ages to come!Also his 'moonwalk' and his spinning and standing ri…