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Disconnected from the virtual world: Day 1 update

After a long thought over how to break my addiction to the internet, I finally found a solution.

I needed a break from the world of status updates, profiles,scraps and applications.But with nothing to do at home I couldn't help but connect to the internet after every two hours or so.And once I sit at my computer I don't get up for at least two hours(well mostly).

I realized as long as I had my passwords with me I was always going to use my facebook ,orkut , gtalk and ymail accounts no matter how determined I was to stay away from them!So what to do? Delete these accounts as I did twice before because of the same problem??No way!!

So, here's what I did.I asked one of my friends to change all my passwords.And told her not to reveal them to me atleast for a week.To this she said...'have you gone mad?....kuch bhi karne ko bol rahi hai!'
I told her that if she didn't do this for me I would surely go mad!lol
Its been affecting my studies too and this being my last year I really need to focus on other things instead of just wasting my time browsing useless sites.
And so far, it has been good.I didnt login to any of my accounts for an entire day!(I am trying to recollect when was the last time I did this)I do have my blogger password so that at least I can blog and the password to one of my gmail accounts which she forgot to change!:P
So now the only web sites I visit are crosswalk,deviantart,blogger,gmail, and a few others.

When I was away from the internet this is what I did(in case you are interested to read further:P)

Yesterday went to college(yeah it's started finally!!) and trust me this time I was more than happy to attend lectures! After attending one lecture(and the only one) we made a move to the 'Prithvi Cafe' in Juhu.Yes, even in the heavy rains.
We sat there chatting and watching the downpour of rain and watching theatre actors discussing scripts and dialogues over coffee.Among them were Ratna Pathak shah(of Sarabhai fame), Makrand Deshpande(of Swades fame) and a few other theatre personalities.
Everytime someone entered, our heads would immediately turn in the direction of the entrance and we would be like...'arre have you watched this blah blah movie??...yeh usme tha...', 'arre ye to woh hai yar....koi toh serial mein aata hai...'lol

Me and Shar had 'Hot chocolate' that tasted nothing better than bournvita!!But the 'Gooey chocolate brownie' that two of my other friends ordered, tasted amazing!!Food was good but not all that great.What I liked about the place was the ambience(it was beautiful) and the decor.There were seats made of wood and stone and the place had a tarpaulin stretched over bamboo sticks because of the rains.Its a good place to sit and chill.

So after an hour or so, we left the place splashing water on each other and getting drenched just like school days!

All in all it was fun!But today the college is closed(Again!!!) and I have nothing to do!

So here I am writing a lengthy post(cant help if you are bored reading this:P) and wondering what to do the whole day.I've got a lot of things to do but not really in a mood to do them.Guess I'll read the Bible (which seems the best option), or finish off 'Doctors', or maybe clean the house, or just watch the tv...


Carmel said…
Hey I know this feeling of how it gets too much when you feel you're addicted... So before I used to make it a point of not getting online on the weekends.. The break used to be really great. Now I don't have an issue with internet...
Sometimes I take breaks from my phone too... So addicted to texting and all of that. Sometimes I just switch it off and put in the corner and don't check it for the whole day :P Feels good.. I can actually focus on other things likes reading, doing things around the house, etc.
peter said…
Online syndrome is as common as street dogs in INDIA, no need to crib about it..i even used to blog one day before my xams ..coz if i restrict myself it wud be worse !!

and celebrities when pas by u ..u dun really recognize them ...Jimmy shergil must have been pissed wid my behavior, when he looked at me and I looked away at the airport :P
PJ said…
yea I too switch off my cell phone and put it away when I don't want talk to anyone!!Sometimes just feel like running away from people and being on my own for a while.
PJ said…
"Online syndrome is as common as street dogs in INDIA,"...heheh

ya man me too!All my friends are busy studying and I am busy writing a poem on my blog! lol