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Disconnected:Day 5

Its been a good 5 days away from social networking sites.I had decided to carry on for 2-3 weeks.But it seems tough and I had almost given up once.

I messaged my friend "hey pleeeeeease pleeeease give me my fb password :("
I was surprised when she gave away the password so easily.I was like...'Are you nuts?? You are supposed to discourage me!!' Nevertheless, I tried logging in and realized that she had fooled me by giving a fake password!(which was a good job that she did)

She wrote back, "I promised my friend that I would help her get rid of her habit and so I can't give you the password..I have no intentions of doing so no matter what you do :P !!"

Every time I feel tempted I keep assuring myself..'Just a few more days, dont give up!' lol

And as a matter of fact after that day, I never felt the urge to login to my facebook or orkut accounts coz I never had the time for it.Since college started I've been regularly attending lectures and trust me so far they've been really fun.Some genuinely interesting and some genuinely funny!lol...

Bottomline: So far so good!! :)


peter said…
Damn these sane friends !
You need to have a friends like me..I Spoil my friends :P

*Evil Grin*
pj said…
me too!People think I am innocent but its not really true..hehe!But that's just sometimes, mostly its my friends who spoil me:P