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God is a musician! And He's a poet too!!

"God please don't let me forget the words before I reach there!"

This was the first thought as I got up from the bed at 1.00 am in the morning to reach for my laptop.Yep, I wanted to note down the words in my mind that had appeared out of nowhere while I lay brooding over things.

Lately, things haven't been too good as far as faith is concerned.A person's spiritual life,in my opinion, is like a ship sailing in an ocean.Sometimes it shakes violently amidst storm and at times its smooth sailing while we enjoy the view of the sun setting at the horizon of the ocean.
I guess its bound to be that way .Anyway, personally, I've been struggling to hang on to my faith while things seemed so difficult.

But the bible says "and this too shall pass..."

Every time I am down.I try to listen to what God is trying to say.And most often than not His words end up into a poem or a song!
I remember, most of the poems I have written in the past few months about my faith are words that actually come from Him!
Also every time I listen to some music (and it doesn't have to be a song with lyrics, it can be just a tune sometimes) I can imagine God standing right in front of me!
And all the fears are gone! Plus, I keep my mind occupied and avoiding any depressing thoughts.

God finds a way to lift up my spirits through music and poetry all the time!!Every random melody I hum comes from Him! And its the not like I am writing the poem.Its actually Him who writes it!!

The poem I wrote....err...sorry He wrote!;)




Anonymous said…
So true that God is a musician and poet.. And it's amazing how sometimes He puts tunes, songs, poetry into the hearts of his children... Of course a lot of times, people don't even recognize this... They don't realize that it's actually God who has put this in them... but it's very cool and very exciting too!
peter said…
ohh u know what .famous musicians claim that they have heard those master creations which they have created either in their dreams or it came to them from nowhere !

I also get wonderful ideas when i am not looking for them. It's an awesome irony :P
Yeah He is... ;)
hey btw love ur new template... totally rocks... :D
pj said…
Yes it is!He's absolutely amazing!

really?...Do you mean I can become like those musicians too??;)...hehe

ya me too!...I spent an hour testing and trying templates and found this one!And loved it coz its blue after all!:D
The Geekie said…
infact its true tht He is d musician and poet of our life

Follow me Bird in this template is cute
PJ said…
yeah it is!:D