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My first experience at fainting! lol

(At the end of the post you'll realise how bored I am to write some silly thing like this!lol)

I always wondered how it felt like when one fainted.How people just lose control of themselves.Not like I was interested in experiencing it!But was always curious to find out.

And well, I did find out for the first time in 21 years what it is like to faint! Today for a change I woke up early to go to college.I was unwell from the past few days but ignored it thinking it would just get better all by itself as it always.But this time it took a toll on me.While getting ready for college,I passed out. I became unconscious almost for a minute.And for that moment, although I was still a lil in my senses, I didn't know what I was doing!Thankfully all this happened while my parents were at home!They picked me up and lead me to the bed but I still couldn't breath.For that one hour I thought I would just die and my parents were totally freaked out!
Mom gave me all kinds of home made medicines and my stomach was full of a cocktail of these medicines!lol

But after that one hour every thing calmed down like nothing never happened!!I could get up and walk as I had something to eat.But then yet again I missed college and was at home all day sleeping and basically doing nothing!

But this was the first time I fainted and absolutely lost control of myself!So now I know what it feels like to faint!lol

(My father just came home and he's smiling at me!..."I am smiling now but you scared the hell out of me girl!") Love my parents...they just pamper me so much!...hehe


PJ... wats up with u girl??
the last few days... u have been going thru a real weird phase.. give us a call if u feel like talking to someone or at least a miss call would suffice... we'll call u back.. he he...

Hope ur doing cool now... :)
pj said…
yea kind of a weird phase...just too weird to explain really.
When I think of this phase, in the end I am always reminded of...1 Corinthians 10:12 -'and this too shall pass'!!:D

but hey thanks a lot!
and yea,I am super cool now!!;)
peter said…
Since u mentioned hows exciting the post gonna be the beginning ..i directly jumped to the end ..but i got the whole gist.
happens !
Carmel said…
I kind of wondered how it would feel like to faint too till one day I finally fainted :P LOL! So I know what you're talking about...

But seriously.. All well with you?
pj said…
see...I saved your precious time by warning you before hand!:P

Xorkes said…
Once i had a blackout at bandra station.. Was not keeping well.. Plus, i was late for d exams.. Luckily my friend was with me who shoved me in the rick, slapped me a couple of times, bought me a drink and few minutes later. I was fit and fine.. God knows, what i wrote in that paper in the hazy-state-of-mind..
pj said…
Good you had your friend with you girl!And that happend during an exam?..tats bad!

btw...nice to see ur comment after a long time:)