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I am lovin' it!!

Today,I bought the first book for this semester and I am so excited to read it! Its about Information Security in computing (that's my favorite subject along with Mobile Computing and Computer Networks).I've always been interested in networking and internet security. Now, I was so excited, that I started flipping through the pages of the book while traveling back home in the train itself!! I've never (in the past seven years) been so excited about my studies!

There was this time when I would top in my class and I absolutely loved my textbooks(basically I was a book worm:P).And then there was a phase after that, when everything went downhill.I remember telling my friend once, ' I just feel like tearing away my books and throwing them all away!' . My friends and teachers kept asking me...'What's wrong?Why aren't you studying??'.

Some time back, there was this professor in my college, who after looking at the drop in my grades since I passed out of school said to me, "What happened?Why are your grades dropping?..."After a long pause when I didn't answer him and just kept looking at the floor he said,"Never mind,looking at your SSC percentage I can surely say that you are more than an average student...I am sure you can do better."

I had nothing to say...I had no excuse, no reason as to why I didn't feel like studying.I was clueless as to what was going wrong.

And here I am today, just dying to get back to my books!!I am like the geek who, in school, would have her hand raised to every question asked in the class(Hermione Granger types!) the girl who loved her studies, who loved to read, who loved her books!! Yay!
Wow! Life is changing!!

Praise God!:D


peter said…
Ohh so u are also one of the geeky kind :O

god save the world from the geeks please..! you people make life tough for us ..Specially when it's all about relative grading. Geeks score and make our lives miserable :(

*boooh hooo*
pj said…
hehe.. yeah I used to be one...and guess I am still a bit of a geek:P
and yeah the relative grading sucks, I know coz there even worse geeks in my class!!
Hey I love those books.. im glad ur back into books... and especially into Networking... YAY!!!

Welcome to the club my fellow geek... ;)

Well u should know... im a cool geek... im a rocker too... he he... :P
pj said…
there's a geek-club? I am joining it for sure! ;)

so u are rocker+geek= geekrocker??..hehe:P
Yeah.. whatever makes u happy.. he he :P