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Smelly hands, smelllly hands...its all their fault!!:P

My hand is smelling with a mixture of perfumes right now! Reason? We dropped by at Archies today as my friends had to buy some stuff and there my friends used my hands as a tester for perfumes! lol!! It took my friend a good half an hour to finally make up her mind over which perfume to buy.

H (to D) : I bought this perfume for xyz (her ex boyfriend)once.It smells really good(smiling).
Me: Ohkay, so buy your boyfriend a perfume you would like to smell!!(I'll remember that ;)....hehe)
D: yeah!

So while they tried the deodorants and perfumes, I stood there smelling my hands as they sprayed the perfumes on them!hehe..And even after having washed my hands many times after I came home, I can still smell the perfume!But I wonder why then does the scent not last that long when you spray it on your clothes?!I mean, you wear the perfume before you leave your home and in less than an hour or so its gone already!!Strange.

Anyway....I am loving the scent!!;):D


The Geekie said…
hah a

may be when perfume on clothes + body sweat ...perfume gayaab :P

he he

njoy d scent....i love the perfume gifts...perfume cases look dashing..
I love deodorants...
better than perfume... its like.. if Perfumes are cure... deodorants are prevention.. he he...
pj said…
@the Geekie
hehe...yeah maybe!:P

And sometimes only the perfume cases look dashing not the actual perfume!

I remember being gifted one such perfume, only for the case!haha...
my friend had said...'dont mind the perfume but preserve the case, it looks good!' haha


...meaning deodorants are better than perfumes?!!:P
The Geekie said…
ha ha


anywayzz keep smelling...oops keep writing
Carmel said…
I think it's something to do with body temperature and all that jazz...
I remember this one time I was at a mall and this tester sprayed Elizabeth Arden on a strip and gave it to me.. I put it in my bag and forgot about it but my bag smelt really good for days...
but anyways.. enjoy the fragrance while it lasts..
peter said…
Jeez dun they give try it on a tissue paper :O
ok giving a perfume or a deodorant to ur bf is a nice idea ...but i am thinking from a Bf's point of view ..he will think ...that he stinks ..and that's why this kind of gift is coming his way's quite offensive u know :P
pj said…
its been two days since the incident happened and the smell is gone!..hehe


never thought of that!!I thought people gift a perfume when they cant think of anything else to buy or are too confused to think of anything other gift(like me!):P