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Speed Dial 1......Calling..God

Often when we get into troubles or when we face those wobbly moments in our lives, we tend to panic and run helter skelter for help.At least that is what I do many a times.
The impulsive freak that I am,I tend to do things without even thinking
before doing them.

I call up every possible friend (by that I meant close ones) on my phone book and ask him/her to pray for me.
Later when things calm down, I wonder where my faith was, when I asked someone else to pray for me and why I didnt pray myself first! Is it that God listens to someone else's prayers and not mine? Of course not. Its just that I failed to trust Him enough and have faith in my prayer.

I realised that before asking outside for help, we need to look inside for it.For within you rests He, who is greater than any power on this earth!It is not wrong to ask someone to pray for you coz I believe there are times in one's life when the faith is so low that one doesnt feel like praying.But its just that you need to pray to Him first and learn to believe in your prayer.

So now when I know that I am caught up in a mess and dont know how to get out of it, I look to Him before I dial anyone's no. asking for help.
Because He said..'I am the one that healeth thee'....'Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest..'
And trust me it always works!Always! Because God wants us to look to Him as our friend.He wants to listen to us talk to Him.He wants us to put our trust in Him first!

Is God on your speed dial no. 1?? If not make the change today and rest assured that He will answer your call.

He will love it ;) and so will you!!


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
finally! God helps those who ask for His help themselves!! :D
pj said…
hmmm...the sad part is, I wrote this and contradicted it on the same day...
Guess I got a long way to go as far as faith is concerned..
Prianca said…
its strange....m agnostic...but still could feel the genuineness of your post..maybe there is some supreme power high above which guides it god or not, no comments!
nice post
pj said…
You said it yourself...a supreme one's more supreme than one who's created you and me :)