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I know it was YOU my Lord!! I know it was you!

There are some days when you have to do things that you know would hurt you.Things that would take you on a (bumpy) emotional ride.But these things are sometimes inevitable, things that you ought to do.

Today was one such day for me.Before I went ahead and faced the situation, I prayed in my heart to God to keep me from getting hurt this time.

As I proceeded with it I knew what was coming my way.I had a feeling that as it usually turns out I would be left with a sense of loss.
I could see the devil waiting for me laying his trap.But I went ahead anyway and said 'Let thy will be done'. And as I faced this thing, a friend (who I barely even talk to) buzzed. All the while that I was dealing with this (lets call it 'situation x'), my friend kept on talking to me and diverted my mind.The moment I was back to facing my situation x and started worrying about it , this friend wrote to me something or the other.

And in the end I was so occupied with our conversation that my dreaded…

Love it!

Some songs just make you fall in love with them.I happened to listen to this song from the movie Coyote Ugly by LeAnn Rimes and I instantly liked it! I've been playing this song over and over (and over) again ever since I downloaded it and just cant get enough of the song!!
I just want to keep on listening to it.No doubt I am going to be bored of this song soon since I listen to it so much but right now I am just enjoying it while it while my love for the song lasts ;)

I dont like to be alone in the night
And I dont like to hear Im wrong when Im right
And I dont like to have the rain on my shoe
But I do love you, but I do love you

I dont like to see the sky painted gray
And I dont like when nothings going my way
And I dont like to be the one with the blues
But I do love you, but I do love you

Love everything about the way youre loving me
The way you lay your head
Upon my shoulder when you sleep
And I love to kiss you in the rain
I love everything you do, oh I do

I dont like to turn the radio on

Jane's faith :)

Yesterday during the worship at church, the Pastor shared a really sweet and beautiful message that put a smile on everyone's face.Not only that, it made everyone realize about the kind of faith children have in God.The Pastor was talking about how we enter into temptations and what we ought to do when that happens.

The story goes like this..

There was little girl called Jane.Her Sunday school teacher asked her, 'Jane, what would you do when the devil knocks on your door (when you are being tempted by the devil) ??'

To this the li'l girl said...'When the devil knocks at my door, I will ask Jesus to open the door!!!'

How cool an answer is that! Its like when you know there's some stranger at your door (who you know can harm you), you let your Father deal with it!

The story is so short and sweet.But Jane's response says so much.Children are so innocent. They know that their Daddy is the strongest!When we adults can sometimes stumble in our faith and lose hop…

The book seller at the station...

"Sixty rupees ka ek..sixty rupees ka ek....sidney sheldon...twilight...sixty rupees ka ek....sixty rupees ka ek..."
A little boy entered the ladies compartment with a pile of novels in his hand.The train was about to leave in about 5 minutes.

I asked this kid for 'Twilight' for one of my friends (I wonder what's the big deal about the book!!?).Now, it happened that he didn't have the book with him then and so he said...

"Madam aapko twilight chaiye??...leke aata hun"

And he got off the train and rushed to get the book for me.When he returned with the book, I realized that my friend had asked me to get 'Breaking dawn'(the newest version).

Me: "Actually mujhe 'Breaking dawn''' chaiye tha"

"woh 200 ka hai.."

Me : 'Eclipse' hain?

"nai madam woh toh nai hai..."
I didn't want to buy the book for 200 bucks so after a li'l bargaining,I told him that I didn't want the book.

It felt bad to see…

The one thing I would do if I could turn back time....

I always loved sketching when I was a kid.Although I was never very good at painting,I loved to draw.I think my knack for drawing was kind of hereditary.My father has great drawing skills.
He would always complete my brother's drawing assignments in school but not for me.Because I loved doing them myself.
That was my favorite hobby.Whenever I'd get time I'd sketch a picture.

I never took drawing lessons because I was too lazy to attend drawing classes neither did I give those elementary exams.

Today, if I could turn back time and do one thing, I would like to take art lessons.I wish I could learn to paint well which I still haven't been able to do and barely get time for.

When I passed my 10th class I wished to take up arts.But didn't have the guts to follow me heart.I didn't want to take a risk.I was so confused while making the choice of a course that I ended up jumping the engineering bandwagon in the end.

Since the past few days, an image of the sky and stars on…

Why does it always rain on me?

The four months of monsoon are the ones I dread the most every year.I have this thing about rains since a long time now.I feel so so gloomy during the monsoons and the rains make me sick all the time.I know its quite normal when the gloominess in the atmosphere makes you feel a little low.But every day and everytime???!! Every year as the month of June begins, I pray that September comes fast! The darkness all day round just makes me so cranky.
And the rains find such great pleasure in turning my day into a nightmare that it starts to pour the moment I step out of my house!!!Arggghhh I sooo hate rains.
But this post is not about rains..literally.
Its been raining on and off in my life lately.And even if it hasnt...the clouds have been around for quite some time now. Some things just dont feel right.I've become like a turtle that draws its head into its shell - not wanting to talk to anyone, trying hard to smile when I am not really happy,saying I am alright when I am not,dragging mys…