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Jane's faith :)

Yesterday during the worship at church, the Pastor shared a really sweet and beautiful message that put a smile on everyone's face.Not only that, it made everyone realize about the kind of faith children have in God.The Pastor was talking about how we enter into temptations and what we ought to do when that happens.

The story goes like this..

There was little girl called Jane.Her Sunday school teacher asked her, 'Jane, what would you do when the devil knocks on your door (when you are being tempted by the devil) ??'

To this the li'l girl said...'When the devil knocks at my door, I will ask Jesus to open the door!!!'

How cool an answer is that! Its like when you know there's some stranger at your door (who you know can harm you), you let your Father deal with it!

The story is so short and sweet.But Jane's response says so much.Children are so innocent. They know that their Daddy is the strongest!When we adults can sometimes stumble in our faith and lose hope, children in fact cling on to their faith so blindly!
I think we need to learn something from them.

This reminded me of a message shared by my very dear friend ,Sungeeta Jain(who is almost like a sister to me) about the faith that children have.

Child like Faith


Anonymous said…
that's why Jesus says.. The kingdom of God can only be entered by those who have hearts like little children
SJ said…
like the candles!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)