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The one thing I would do if I could turn back time....

I always loved sketching when I was a kid.Although I was never very good at painting,I loved to draw.I think my knack for drawing was kind of hereditary.My father has great drawing skills.
He would always complete my brother's drawing assignments in school but not for me.Because I loved doing them myself.
That was my favorite hobby.Whenever I'd get time I'd sketch a picture.

I never took drawing lessons because I was too lazy to attend drawing classes neither did I give those elementary exams.

Today, if I could turn back time and do one thing, I would like to take art lessons.I wish I could learn to paint well which I still haven't been able to do and barely get time for.

When I passed my 10th class I wished to take up arts.But didn't have the guts to follow me heart.I didn't want to take a risk.I was so confused while making the choice of a course that I ended up jumping the engineering bandwagon in the end.

Since the past few days, an image of the sky and stars on a canvas has been flashing in front of my eyes.And I am having this desire to pick up a paint brush and start painting the picture!!!


neha said…
by arts i hope u mean fine arts! and u shudve taken up pianting ya if u are sooo much into it! our society nvr encourages such things! :-(
pj said…
not so much into painting...but I do love sketching..:)
and I've realized that its wrong to blame the society for it.I should have had the guts to follow my he(art) while making the choice.
After all people keep talking but its up to you to stand up for what you want to do!