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A letter to God....

Dear God,

All my life, I've been chasing people and clinging to them, hoping that they'd stay back for me.I've cared for people and it felt like they never cared for me enough.Maybe its just coz I expect too much out of people and I should stop it now.

Most of the years of my life were spent brooding about people who never reciprocated my feelings.
Some of them didn't even know that I exist!! And yet I had been foolishly running behind them while they walked on, hoping to get noticed, hoping that for once they'd turn behind and see me.That for once they'll hear me.

But they didn't.

And I, after running for miles behind them, ran out of breath and gave up.All I could see then was them walking away.

Why?Why did they never turn behind?
Why did I waste my time over people who weren't meant for me?

Today, I ask you to take away every person from me, who isn't right for me.Who knowingly/unknowingly hurts me.Help me to forgive them and forget them.Stop me from ruining my life over thoughts that ,in the end, ruin my life.
I am tired Lord, I am tired...


And just two days after I wrote this letter, I got an immediate reply(yea I guess HE sent it via speed post! ;))

I feel like my burden has been taken away.I've stopped bothering about people who don't care if I exist.Like I've been set free of this chain of emotions that bound me so tightly.

Life is too beautiful to waste over people who wouldn't care for you.There are so many others who deserve your attention more.And who are worth it.

I am glad that I've learned to detach myself from people and emotions that had been occupying a lot of space in my mind and heart.

"Cast Your Burden Upon Me. Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
- Mat 11:28-29

So true...


Hey just a lil secret I learned from our forefather Abraham... "Give Everything to LOSE NOTHING.." ;)

Will explain to you what I learned tomorrow... :)
TP said…
m glad u've succeeded in doin tht..
and nw i've send Him the copy of ur letter...
i hope even i get the reply via speedpost ;) :P
pooja said…
u din even read the post, did u? :P

I am glad you've received your reply too ;) :D
neha said…
@ pj

glad that you've got what u wanted! :-D
taus said…
That is something I can so much relate to, though I never wrote a letter, that has been a part of my diary.
I felt so much the same thing.
And I can say it is a tough thing to do.
All those days seemed so tough then, makes me realize that you learn sometimes, the hard way.
And yes, I loved this space of the web.