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Snapshots of my new laptop

Os- Windows 7 home premium
Memory-4GB shared dual channel
500GB hard drive SATA Drive

Click on the imgaes to view them clearly....check out the 'sticky note' feature...not much of use though but still liked

I would have taken a few more snaps but gotta get back to studies right now.


peter said…
Okay now since I work for DELL, you should have taken my advice and I would have given you a better option than buying any of the studio series laptops :P

But anyways, being an employee, I wouldn't do mouth-bashing specially on a site like blogspot :P

It's good only enjoy, and yeah btw, I am using Windows ultimate, it is really ultimate :D
pj said…
ha ha...u better not talk bad things about dell here in that case or else u'll be fired :P

well if I knew I would have taken some expert peter advice about the laptop...hehe
I do agree there are some things I dont like abt my lappy
TP said…
even u got a DELL lappy... COOOL!! :)
studio 15?? (if it is thn same pinch again :P)
and u hv windows 7 kya???how is it??
pooja said…
Ya dell studio15...same as yours..AGAIN!! HAHAHA...God made us alike! didnt He?? haha

yup windows 7 premium home edition.Its really cool!
it looks cool and nice . i dunno about the tech stuff , par ki farak painda hai ? :P :D congrats