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A vain post on a sleepless night

Its 3.00 in the morning and I ain't sleepy at all. So I got out of the bed watched T.V for a while and here I am sitting in front of my laptop typing this post for no particular reason.

I Had a great day today and then as I was just about to hit the bed and pray before I was off to sleep, something ruined my mood! And there, I was tossing and turning in my bed trying to sleep!My my mind couldn't take the onslaught of thoughts and I finally gave up trying to sleep.

These days something has been really bothering me.I've suddenly started to get this fear of being lonely! I cant stay at home alone.I just need to (NEED TO) get out of my house and meet people!! Its strange, how, once a shy girl wanting to be left alone now desperately wants to be around people.I mean, social networking is fine but meeting people face to face and talking to them in person feels way different from meeting people online!

And I miss being around friends....miss talking to someone who would understand everything.Yeah sure, God's always there but sometimes you wish there was a person you can call up anytime (yea, even at 3 in the morning!!) , who'd know you inside out, who wouldn't change and who really cares but......NEVER MIND. I can go on forever...!! But then again God is God and people are well...people! lol

I gotto get up early tomorrow as the worship is at 8.00 am and I have no idea how I am going to get up at 6 and be able to keep my eyes open during the service! *sigh* And if I dont go ....(well thats not even an option I can think of)! Coz I cant survive one week without attending church!

huh :(


I did wake up at 7.30 and managed to attend the service! And feeling good about it too!!
Praise God!:D