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Being single...being happy!

Can you ever forget your first date?? ever? (And that too when it was such a nightmare??

Three years ago, I had such an experience of going out with a guy ( who was totally out of my league :P) I would not like to disclose here as to how we met and how it all started.Its a long story and an unbelievable one too. Yes, almost all my friends gasped at my daring act! I had asked him out ...LOL.Considering how shy I am, it was certainly not something I could do but then we all know how teens behave when they 'fall in "love"'.

Anyways...the date ended on a sad note.I never phoned the guy again (except for the last message I sent him that night) and neither did he call.So it was over at the first date itself!
But I had made up in my mind that I wouldn't have bitter feelings for him and that the next time we happen to bump into one another some day I'd be courteous enough to smile.

This Sunday evening as I was going for my classes, I saw the guy for the first time after that day.As I looked at him. at first, I didn't 'immediately recognize him.

'His face looks familiar' (I thought).

At the second glance I realized that it was the same guy. Our eyes met for the first time after three years...
He looked at me twice but didn't respond(except for that quick look in the other direction after having seen me come)

Standing close to him was another friend of mine...who recognized me and turned to talk to me.But I ignored her as she was beside him and I thought it would get awkward.Everything happend so quick that there was no time to react and the only thing I could think of doing at that moment was walk away as fast as possible.

I kept thinking about the whole incident the entire day.
How painful it was to be dumped by someone at the first date itself.And how silly it seemed today.
The incident that hurt me one time seems so kiddish now!! :P

I am just happy that I am not with the wrong guy.OR any guy for that matter. I am so happy being single and love my life so much today.

I used to be a sucker for relationships at one point of time in my life.But I am so content not being in a relationship.

I just wonder what life would be like if I had been with those guys I thought were right but weren't the right ones for me and I feel so happy at that fact that I am not with them.
Being alone is so much better than being with the wrong people.
(No offense to anyone...they weren't bad, but just not right for me)

Everything happens for the best :D

PS. I am not against relationships and its not like I don't want to be in one someday....its just that singledom rocks!! \m/


neha said…
ohh yea..its always best to remain sigle rather than to be with the wrong guy!

but i think i am really lucky that i never landed up with any wrong guy even for a date! lucky me! *touchwood* hehe!
Prianca said…
You are right...singledom rocks till the time you bump into the right guy.

its funny how you behaved after three years but on hindsight, i guess i too, would have behaved in the same manner had i been in your position.
and it's quite heartening to know that you did not develop any bitter feelings post that. which is both good and hard to do.
everything happens for good. maybe god has a better plan for you.
amen. :)
pj said…

lucky you neha!:)

@Prianca rocks till you find the right one!
One reason why I didn't have hard feelings for him was because it was just a crush and we weren't even that close.
And yeah I am pretty sure, God has the best of plans for me as He has for all His children.
TP said…
u asked a guy out!!! :O *gasps*
when???u didnt tell me :(

well had i been in ur place...even i would have totally ignored and walked by!!!seriously thinking it would have been very awkward...

and am sure u'll find ur Mr. RIGHT very soon...(comment sponsored by priya predictions :P )
pooja said…
arre you know! forgot!haha! remember the guy from classes!!??

and thanks for your predictions ma'am!!:D
TP said…

(now even a bigger gasp)

i never knw tht!!!!
and now that i knw who it is....i'm very sure he definitely wasnt ur Mr. Right!!! :)
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