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Troubles can be good some times

I woke up this morning and messaged a few friends(my langotiya friends lol) who I had been out of touch with since a couple of months now.And their replies brought a wide smile on my face.
I got out of the bed and looked around in the house and found out that everyone had left for work! "Of course! It's 11 am d-u-h!" I said to myself.

After a little while,I sat down to have a chat with Him.We had a lot to catch up on, considering the fact that I hadn't found time to have a conversation with Him amidst all the chaos in my life.

As I was talking, tears rolled down my cheeks(nothing and I kept on weeping like a baby.It was as if the pain within me was going away from me through the tears.And a few moments later I sat quietly and peacefully knowing that He was beside me.

I realized that what hurt me yesterday, was necessary for me to know my mistake.That there were some things I needed to change in my life.That it was time to move on and accept certain things I cannot change. That I had a few areas of life that needed to be dealt with before I could have all that I wanted.And above everything else it was necessary to bring me back to Him.

I guess, I need those troubles in my life to bring me closer to God.Rock bottoms in life are just God's way of telling us that "sometimes you cant make it on your own" and that we need Him.

I got this beautiful message today

"When every human source of supply seems to have dried up, don't fear, look for The river(God).God will help [you] at break of day' (Psalm 46:5). Daybreak, a symbol of new beginnings, gives you confidence that beyond this time of trouble and testing, a new day is at hand. "

'Be still, and know that I am God...' (Psalm 46:10)

So you see, if troubles get you closer to Him...they are good in a way, aren't they?;)

read the entire message here.


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