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Waking up at 11 am,having breakfast at 12 noon, having lunch at 5 in the evening and sleeping at 6 in the morning has become a routine these days.Its like having a jet lag effect!

Life is going haywire, emotions are on a all time high as usual and things aren't going to well lately, especially relationships.

Today, it suddenly dawned upon me how much my friends mean to me.I couldn't help thinking about friendships gone sour,some friends who moved away,some who I forgot, some who got lost along the way, some who distanced themselves and some with whom things have just gone too awkward lately. It hurts to see people change so drastically.It is a part of life that cannot be denied still the human mind always wishes "things were as they were before"...

I just wish sometimes there were no people around, just me and Him.At least there wouldn't be expectations, disappointments, having to walk away from people and trying to dodge their thoughts.

Its not always necessary to understand who or what went wrong.Yet we always love digging for these reasons causing ourselves to worry endlessly.

Its not easy to understand people!(Its not easy to understand myself sometimes!)

Losing people- who once meant so much to you, just for no real reason seems so unfair!Yet there is barely anything you can do about it!!

Sometimes forgiving and forgetting is not all that easy.And not just others, sometimes even yourself .

Wish I could run away....