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Some junk for my trunk please!

I've been down with some stomach problems from the past one week. For almost 5 days I had lost my appetite.So much so that I felt like puking when I smelled food! Now, that is weird coz being the foodie that I am, I have never been through such a phase.Yes there were these minor 'I dont want to eat' phases but they were quite rare.

Thanks to my ailment, I lost a little weight (yay! *grins*) and food was the last thought on my mind .But since the past two days I've been craving for food when I stay hungry for more than a few hours! And by food I mean junk food! I am a typical mumbaiite so grabbing a Jumbo king after college on my way back home, having those roadside chats and sandwiches comes naturally to me. Yes and that happens even when mom takes the trouble to pack lunch (read boring lunch!) for me early before leaving for work.

I was just thinking how addicted I've become to junk food.Just 5 days without the junk and here I am dying to eat fast food!
After a lot of pleading "Mom please let me have one sandwich!pleeheease mom, pleeheease! I'll die(*over acting*)", all I get to hear is "When I say no! I mean NO junk at all kiddo"

Its so difficult to pass by one of those fast food stalls and not have a bite of that junk.I mean, that's like insulting junk food!

Picture this
You try not be tempted when your best friend's having that delicious chicken roll with lots and lots of mayo in it.
"Would you like to taste this one" she asks you

You say "No,thanks I am not supposed to eat it" when you actually wish that roll was in your hands instead of hers!
After a few seconds you see the roll disappearing bit by bit into her mouth,you see the mayonnaise dripping out of it...then a few pieces of onion....
Your mouth starts watering....

and then...

"That's it! I cant take this anymore....! I am buying it for myself!"

So you see, with junk food, its that easy!Ever seen that happen with karele ki sabzi??

I guess I really need some junk for my trunk! Maybe that is the antidote for my ailment!Who knows!?...But these parents and doctors....*sigh*


Prianca said…
Man, i've been in the same situation hundreds of times.
I keep craving for subs and chocolate brownies 24/7 and its a really, really long battle with my will, trying to resist the stuff.
Can't help being figure conscious and leaving the food is an outright insult to the yummy food.

I guess, every female reading this can relate to your post. Good to know, I'm not the only one. :)
peter said…
and I thought it had something to do with Black Eyed peas and Fergie Ferg :P

I Eat and eat and eat Junk food...and still dun gain weight :P
pooja said…
I know..brownies..yumm..:D
Yea happens to all of us.I am not figure conscious as such but get a lil worried if I put on a little too much of weight.

good for you! Be happy!I know of a lot of friends who eat twice as much as I do and do not gain weight!!That is so unfair! :P

neha said…
you know, same is my condition now! stomach infection...and NO food! this sucks!