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My soul shall find rest in Christ... and Christ alone...

(an excerpt from my diary...)

"They"....dont matter to me.
"They" didnt make me or bring me up."They", will thus, never understand me.

But to me, it makes no difference.For all that matters to me in the end is that, He who created me understands me and loves me for who I am.

That I can go to Him at the end of the day with all my worries and in Him I find peace, is important to me.

My soul shall find rest in Christ alone.

No one told me life was gonna be this way...

Every time I am upbeat and life's going great, there's always a little fear inside me that this happiness would soon be gone any moment.

Tomorrow might not be all that great after all
and when its time to face the storm
would I still stand tall?

The first half of last year went very well.The latter half was better in the sense that I had been able to 'move on'.

But since it was all going good, there had to be trouble waiting at some corner of the road.

I knew life wouldn't be hunky dory all the time but didn't expect life to be so rickety at the start of the year itself.

Life gets so bad when you know you have Someone to fall back on, yet you've distanced yourself so much from Him that you are like a lost ship in a nasty storm.

It's like no one understands you, you've lost trust in people, in friends, in your family...
You bear the burden of hurting someone so close, even when you know you arent wrong.

All around you people are breaking apart.You try to con…
and this too shall pass.....

Where do I go?

Sometimes Yes
and sometimes No...

Where do I go?
Lord where do I go??

And black is back!

I am loving my black nail shade!...
(I know...sounds silly and girly..but whatever!)

Despite the "what the f..." look on my brother's and dad's face I gotta see the last time I wore this nail paint, I went ahead and did it again!

I mean, what do men know about fashion anyway!..haha

Mom chose to simply ignore it.After several failed attempts to provoke her to say something about my pitch black nails, when I finally asked her " comments???"

"Its your whatever you want"...she said

The peace loving person that she is, she never really argued over it much.

And as for me...I am lovin' the change...para pa pa pa(In case you didnt get what it sounded was the Mcdonald's tune)...;)

Change is good!

I got a hairdo some 3-4 weeks back and ever since I've had the hair cut people dont recognize me!

Okay, I mean people I interact with regularly obviously recognize me but there many who walk past me (with a "who-are-you-crazy-smiling-girl?-I-don't-even-know-you "expression on their faces) even when I smile at them!

People just walk past me at first, only to turn back after walking a little distance and smile or wave at me or just say 'hey! You look different!'

There used to be a time (I was small back then)when I was scared to go to the hairdresser's coz I was apprehensive about how I would look after the hair cut.But not anymore, I was actually enjoying every moment of the combing,cutting,blow drying of the hair.
I absolutely loved the hair cut . True, my hair is a mess again- all frizzy and shaggy but it still turned out better than how I thought it would.

The right hairstyle can make you look and feel so different!

I love the fact that people fail to recogni…

Clearing the deck for a new beginning!

In case anyone is interested in knowing how the last year was for me, here it is...

When I look back at those 21 years of my life(I dont believe in hiding my age, I would shout it out loud from mountain tops if you ask me to! I really dont see the point in lying about your age) the only two years of my life that immediately come to my mind are 2008 and '09.
2008 was like a new beginning and 2009 was what I would call "the perfect year"- complete and satisfying in every aspect.
For one, I let go off this desire to be in a relationship.(Finally!) Ever since I turned a teenager I had been taking these things too seriously, to the point that I would end up hurting myself every time.
But trust me, I have put it behind me now.I am so HAPPY to be this way.I dont need to be with someone to be happy!There so much more to life to discover and live! God's been kind to me and has helped me to wave goodbye to this phase. Yeah, love is the last thing on my mind now!(or maybe the secon…