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And black is back!

I am loving my black nail shade!...
(I know...sounds silly and girly..but whatever!)

Despite the "what the f..." look on my brother's and dad's face I gotta see the last time I wore this nail paint, I went ahead and did it again!

I mean, what do men know about fashion anyway!..haha

Mom chose to simply ignore it.After several failed attempts to provoke her to say something about my pitch black nails, when I finally asked her " comments???"

"Its your whatever you want"...she said

The peace loving person that she is, she never really argued over it much.

And as for me...I am lovin' the change...para pa pa pa(In case you didnt get what it sounded was the Mcdonald's tune)...;)


Weirdo guy said…
wait wasn't pink supposed to be girly and black= goth/macho ???

or am i just outdated ?

Weirdo guy said…
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pj said…
yep you are right...I meant talking about nail paints is so girly