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Change is good!

I got a hairdo some 3-4 weeks back and ever since I've had the hair cut people dont recognize me!

Okay, I mean people I interact with regularly obviously recognize me but there many who walk past me (with a "who-are-you-crazy-smiling-girl?-I-don't-even-know-you "expression on their faces) even when I smile at them!

People just walk past me at first, only to turn back after walking a little distance and smile or wave at me or just say 'hey! You look different!'

There used to be a time (I was small back then)when I was scared to go to the hairdresser's coz I was apprehensive about how I would look after the hair cut.But not anymore, I was actually enjoying every moment of the combing,cutting,blow drying of the hair.
I absolutely loved the hair cut . True, my hair is a mess again- all frizzy and shaggy but it still turned out better than how I thought it would.

The right hairstyle can make you look and feel so different!

I love the fact that people fail to recognize me! ;)


Weirdo guy said…
well i love going to the barber cuz long hair is simply a pain in the arse in the heat here !!

nice template !! where didja get it ??
pooja said…
lol....I know...long hair is a pain in the neck!

thanks...there's a link at the bottom of the can check out templates there.