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Clearing the deck for a new beginning!

In case anyone is interested in knowing how the last year was for me, here it is...

When I look back at those 21 years of my life(I dont believe in hiding my age, I would shout it out loud from mountain tops if you ask me to! I really dont see the point in lying about your age) the only two years of my life that immediately come to my mind are 2008 and '09.

2008 was like a new beginning and 2009 was what I would call "the perfect year"- complete and satisfying in every aspect.
For one, I let go off this desire to be in a relationship.(Finally!) Ever since I turned a teenager I had been taking these things too seriously, to the point that I would end up hurting myself every time.
But trust me, I have put it behind me now.I am so HAPPY to be this way.I dont need to be with someone to be happy!There so much more to life to discover and live! God's been kind to me and has helped me to wave goodbye to this phase. Yeah, love is the last thing on my mind now!(or maybe the second last....or...okay, definitely not among the first 10 things on my mind right now!!:P) And that has been the biggest relief ever!
God has probably blessed me with one of the most wonderful lives on this earth today! No doubt, troubles knock on the door every now and then but why fear when Jesus is here!!?

I made many friends, got out of my little shell and learned to open up to people.I grew up to be someone who loves to interact with people(although I must admit I suck at communicating with people) which was exactly the opposite of what I used to be once!

Over the past one year, I've realised that its better not to judge someone or expect anything out of people.Lets face it.We all have flaws, we all change and there's always going to be a time when you feel "hey, this is not how he/she used to be before".But that doesn't mean they are wrong.Every friendship or relationship for that matter needs space to grow.You just gotta forgive them, smile, say 'never mind! ' and move on.

Yeah "move on"...That's what God taught me this year! He helped me crossed the biggest mountain of my life!!

I learned to love people and to love God.
(1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us")

What more?
I lost a little bit of weight, managed to look a little different, got a job,got an unlimited broadband plan, got a lappy, got a new cellphone, had a great 21st birthday, overcame my fear of speaking in public and gave my testimony in church, managed to pass(by God's grace) without a single K.T......blah blah...I could go on and on forever!

Now, with all those million zillion reasons, how could I not be thankful to God for all that I am today??

I am totally a changed person.It feels like life's begun all over again.It feels like I've cleared the deck, put all the crappy years behind me and am looking forward, towards a brighter and an infinite horizon.

Who would have thought looking at this blog two years ago, if it would have come this far...

Psalm 30:12 – "That my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks for ever."

Wish you guys a happy and blessed 2010 !!


Prianca said…
Hehe,quite similar notions there. All a part of "growing up".
Nice post though.
pj said… time passes we all "grow up" and learn from our mistakes :)