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Love? ....umm...Not Actually!

Yes people its the much hyped 'Valentine's Day' this Sunday!

I seriously believe this whole concept of 'Valentine's day' has created to make singles feel more miserable about themselves.No offense to anyone though.
I used to be one of those teens too who'd sulk every year on the 14th of Feb feeling sick about the fact they don't have a date.
But I've found a way around all of that.And as matter of fact, I've actually moved far away from all these lovey dovey things that really dont matter in the end- they dont even come close to defining what love really is.Gifts and flowers are surely pleasing and wonderful to have but love is beyond all of that.And just because no one gave you hugs or blew kisses to you on the 14th of feb doesnt prove that you are some sort of a loser!!

Okay!okay! I am not against it or anything.I am just saying that love doesn't need this one day to prove itself.

(Didnt get? never mind! :P)

For me, I am still happy single and …