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Making a room for the new....or at least trying...

Off late I am starting to hate the word 'moving'...

moving on...!
moving away...!

A few more weeks and  it would be time to move into another place.It would be time to pack my bags and leave for a 'home' only to return two years later, to see a new high rise building built on top of my former home. But would it be the same to live in there? To know that you are living at a place underneath which, lies your old sweet home and memories would be so weird.

Our building, where we stayed, for over two decades is being redeveloped.And the hardest thing to do is to leave this place where I have been staying since I was born! The thought of leaving behind the place where I long to come back every day is painful.

I know, I know....everyone will say, "change is good","you'll get to make new friends", "it's just a matter of two years", blah blah blah....but my home is my home!!!.....No other place in this world can beat it... ever! Its a place…

Stop crying your heart out..

Hold up!
Hold on!
Don't be scared,
You'll never change what's been and gone
May your smile,
Shine on,
Don't be scared,
Your destiny may keep you warm,

'Cause all of the stars,
Have faded away
Just try not to worry,
You'll see them someday,
Take what you need,
And be on your way and
Stop crying your heart out

Get up,
Come on,
Why you scared?
You'll never change what's been and gone


Psalm 23



Its sad when people you know become people you knew...

I could never understand how people move on so fast. And probably never would...

It feels like you never really knew they are a totally different person and all that you saw before was just an illusion.

Maybe its just me...
Maybe I am just one of those people who just so easily slip out of your mind!!

WakIng uP!

Sometimes I really like it when my life gets busy. When I have loads of work to do, my mind is away from baseless thoughts that seem to cause a lot of worry.

And the best of all things is that when I am away from home and caught up with the project and my training I tend to daydream a lot less. Living your dream and making it come true is a goodthing but then living in a dream forever isn't really a good idea.You dream, you have your head in the clouds and one fine day when you open your eyes and see yourself on the ground, you are disappointed. It is so easy to drift in your own world and start to build castles in the air and get carried away.
Everything is perfect in your little dream land untill reality dawns upon you.

You realise that your sweetlittle imaginary world never really existed! And that awful feeling you have at that moment takes you down. Reality seems so harsh!!

But the fact remains that its better to know the truth, you own limits, your capabilities and accept God&#…

Need a pain you have one??

To have a heap of emotions in your head almost about to blast off and not being able to express them is so frustrating.Its like if you don't find a vent for your emotions you'll cross the mark of sanity and break down the next moment.

Ok, so I am alone.
People are busy. No problem
No one cares a shit. No issues
No one can understand. Perfectly alright!

But at least let me write! At least let me speak up! At least find me words to pen down in my diary!!

Why do I have to be robbed of words when I begin to write a poem?

Am I not even supposed to tell my blog about how sick I feel??

Why does writer's block strike when I am miserable as hell and have no way out of the mess?!!

I try to smile but the pain grows inside.I try to forget and guilt creeps back into my mind.

Why??.... why does life have to be so fucking hard sometimes???


All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They're all I can see