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Making a room for the new....or at least trying...

Off late I am starting to hate the word 'moving'...

moving on...!
moving away...!

A few more weeks and  it would be time to move into another place.It would be time to pack my bags and leave for a 'home' only to return two years later, to see a new high rise building built on top of my former home. But would it be the same to live in there? To know that you are living at a place underneath which, lies your old sweet home and memories would be so weird.

Our building, where we stayed, for over two decades is being redeveloped.And the hardest thing to do is to leave this place where I have been staying since I was born! The thought of leaving behind the place where I long to come back every day is painful.

I know, I know....everyone will say, "change is good","you'll get to make new friends", "it's just a matter of two years", blah blah blah....but my home is my home!!!.....No other place in this world can beat it... ever! Its a place where I've played with my friends, rode bicycle at, fought with my brother, caught fishes in those li'l streams that formed when it rained , where I've celebrated 21 birthdays(and hopefully the 22nd too), where I've cried, where I've laughed, where I've partied, saw shooting stars with two of my closest friends, saw the city night lights from the terrace....!! I could go on and on about it.

I love the scent in this house, the early morning sun rays pouring through the window, the moonlit balcony....just about everything in this house!

Every brick in the wall of this house has a memory engraved in it!
And to see those bricks being destroyed is watching all those memories being killed one by one.

Okay, I know I am getting a little too emotional. But that's how I am. I never even want to get married just because I don't want to leave home!..:P

As I have mentioned a million times before, I really get attached to people and places too easily.And then letting go becomes really difficult.(Thank God I am not a military kid!!) No doubt, I am going to have a tough time moving out of this place.
All of the special moments spent at this place would start to rewind in my mind, as if I were watching a flash back of my life.

I rejected a few flats that my parents chose after a lot of house hunting and added to their plight. But I wont be doing that anymore as I know how hard it is for them to.They are just doing it 'coz they have to.

The rule of life says...'You gotta clear out the old to make a room for the new'

So I am trying not to think too much about it (yeah right!) and do just that. Although I really don't want to...

I love my home ♥♥♥


Re-development is good.. ;)
he he he!!
pooja said…
yea yea! :P
Anonymous said…
I know how hard this is.. I've moved once and have lived in other places (although not for very long).. Home does mean a lot.. but trust me PJ.. You will get used to the new place.. and your memories will be safe in your dreams... because whenever you dream at night about anything that is set at home, you will always dream that it is happening in that old place.. :)
pj said…

I am never going to forget memories of my old home!...and as you said I will eventually get used to the new place after a lil while.Its just that moving away from home is so so difficult.But then I'll be alright...even if I move into another house no one's going to take away the memories from me! :)
neha said…
but you will be coming back!
pooja said…
Yes Neha...but after two long years!
of course she is coming back... where else would she go.. :P
oh sorry.. this is not that Neha from the church.. :S
Anonymous said…
Yup PJ! Exactly what I said.. your memories are not going anywhere.. They are safe..
pooja said…
Jess, happy realization!...haha

yep :)

Anonymous said…
Well, I haven't seen you online for some days now.. I'm taking it that you've moved..and the new place does not have a net connection yet ...heheh...
pooja said…
No Samby, I havent moved yet.