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Need a pain you have one??

To have a heap of emotions in your head almost about to blast off and not being able to express them is so frustrating.Its like if you don't find a vent for your emotions you'll cross the mark of sanity and break down the next moment.

Ok, so I am alone.
People are busy. No problem
No one cares a shit. No issues
No one can understand. Perfectly alright!

But at least let me write! At least let me speak up! At least find me words to pen down in my diary!!

Why do I have to be robbed of words when I begin to write a poem?

Am I not even supposed to tell my blog about how sick I feel??

Why does writer's block strike when I am miserable as hell and have no way out of the mess?!!

I try to smile but the pain grows inside.I try to forget and guilt creeps back into my mind.

Why??.... why does life have to be so fucking hard sometimes???


BIG Omi said…
hey sweetz,

i m exactcly going thru same thing... feeling very miserable and helpless right nw... need someone to talk to! need some one to listen to me... need to blurt out everythin i feel.. need to hold a hand.. need a hug.. god am messed up as hell

gawd gawd..
pooja said…
hey omi!
wat happend?..:(

watever it is..remember that there's a God out there always listening to you and no matter how bad lyf gets dont lose faith in Him!

take care