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WakIng uP!

Sometimes I really like it when my life gets busy. When I have loads of work to do, my mind is away from baseless thoughts that seem to cause a lot of worry.

And the best of all things is that when I am away from home and caught up with the project and my training I tend to daydream a lot less. Living your dream and making it come true is a good thing but then living in a dream forever isn't really a good idea.You dream, you have your head in the clouds and one fine day when you open your eyes and see yourself on the ground, you are disappointed. It is so easy to drift in your own world and start to build castles in the air and get carried away.
Everything is perfect in your little dream land untill reality dawns upon you.

You realise that your sweet little imaginary world never really existed! And that awful feeling you have at that moment takes you down. Reality seems so harsh!!

But the fact remains that its better to know the truth, you own limits, your capabilities and accept God's will.
At least when you stay grounded, you know you wouldn't suffer a great fall! Having said that if we don't dream we wouldn't accomplish anything at all.

As for me, I am going to try and stay awake!Old habits die hard but I hope and pray that I get over the daydreaming habit.

I don't want to be living in a bubble anymore...