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About the chord that I never struck...

Some dreams do get lost along the way...
I never thought I'd give up on this one dream though.I wouldn't really say I've given up but its sort of on a hold.I finally used up all the money I had saved up for my guitar.

I remember how crazily I wanted one, not to show off because it looks cool but because I really wanted to learn to play it.I love the sound of the guitar and am crazy about it.After a failed attempt at trying to convince my parents for the guitar I had given up trying to convince them further for it.I couldn't even keep the promise I made to myself that I'd improve my grades.That way, I at least stood a chance of bribing my parents into allowing me to have the guitar!
I still hoped that I would finally buy one and learn it.As days turned, into weeks, weeks into months and months into years now, my dream to have the guitar went down the drain.Money was never the issue.I had saved enough for it.I would never let myself take money out of what I called my 'guitar fund' even when I ran short of pocket money! But life got busy, there were a lot of things on my mind, a lot of mess to take care of and somewhere along the way the dream died down.

I was just listening to a piece of music right now on the internet where the person was just playing the guitar and it sounded so soothing and peaceful.
I really wish I had a guitar and knew how to play it! If I had that one thing right now, I would never ask for anything else in the next ten years!!(Ok people, don't take it literally!)

Maybe I'll buy it when I start to get my paychecks ;)

Maybe its not the right time for it.Maybe the time's not right for anything at all...


Sach! said…
Hey PJ!! I too live in hope..there'll be a day I'll have my own guitar..I'll have all the time to learn it...And most imp. have the audience to play for =) so would you...
Anonymous said…
Go to my blog and check out what I posted... so funny.. I just put that up and checked your blog and this is what I found...
Dee.Dee said…
Hope you get it man. Half the people I know who play guitar, only play it cuz they want the reputation of 'cool'.

Don't give up n_n.

Lemme know when you need to decide which one to buy :D.
PJ said…

oh yea!! :)

Yea I read that and its such a coincidence.I was really encouraged by the post.
"All I'm saying is don't base whether you follow your dream or not on what other people think or say about it."
true...very true

dee dee
yea I know, its become like a fad these days.

yea sure would let you know.

btw I really really loved your painting and your blog!

neha said…
My my! What is with everyone and the guitar? Even I want to learn it. I remember there was a time when I went mad with my ''I want a guitar..I want a guitar'' rantings. Money again here wasnt an issue, but I simply couldnt gather myself to join a guitar class! 'Something' or the other always cropped up!!

And now, everytime I listen to any music and I wish..''if only I too could play it!''

Anyway, its kinda off my list now :-(
But I hope you really get to learn it some day! :-D

PS: Why are we so damn similar!
Beat99 said…
the time is now! go get that guitar and lean to play !!
pooja said…
off your list? really? that's not good :(

ps. I know!!!:D

thanks man, but I really need to wait a lil more before I can get my hands on that guitar..
thanks for stopping by :)