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Calvin and Hobbes

 At first, I thought of posting about the last week which felt like forever.Then I thought, 'What's the point anyway? The world is too full of its own problems to read about mine'.So at least for now, I am sparing my blog from becoming a collection of sad posts that make no difference anyway.

As I was aimlessly browsing through the internet, I found Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and thought of posting it here.So check it out...


Sach! said…
Lol! Anyday C&H can make you laugh...I so so love them !!!

And don't feel bad..the world may be busy, but your friends would always be there to hear! so stay happy..and stay blessed :)
Beat99 said…
agree with the previous comment!
pj said…
@Sach & beat99

never read comics much but yes Calvin and Hobbes really makes me smile :D

and sach
thank you so much! :)