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Sometimes there are days when I don’t like anyone around me...
I hate them no matter what they do for me,
I hate them for no reason.
I don’t want to talk to anyone, don’t want anyone to even understand my silence.
I wish I could just switch off any means of communication and be in my own lonely world.
All alone,  isolated.
I want to shut myself out from the world outside and not allow anyone ....and by that I mean anyone at all, to peep into my world of loneliness.
There’s nothing I want to do. There is nowhere I want to go.
Just cry my eyes out over nothing.

There are moments of insanity, when I start to feel like I am some kind of a psychopath.And that people are around me are at the receiving end of my mood swings.
I want to crush all my dreams under my feet and watch my heart die with those dreams.
I close those blinds to stop even a single ray of light to pass through.
All I want is to live in this faithless, hopeless world I create for myself.
I wish, no one saved, not this time...
Living in a state of melancholy, I sometimes wish I were never alive...


Anonymous said…
I used to go through the exact same thing and I remember writing something very similar some years back.. Of course, the intensity of my mood swings have considerably decreased now.. due to various factors.. Let's talk one day about this if you feel like it.. :)
neha said…
I think all of us at some point or the other go through the same thing....Mood and mood swings, no reason behind it! None at all!