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Whatever happened to the bucket list????

Its been two years since I was saved (It's the same time that Jesus touched my life two years back!:)) and life took a U-turn.I was just looking back at all the things that happened in those two years and that thought has got me into doing too much of introspection.And its not the same old things I always think about.
I've been thinking about all those dreams I had that I didn't see fulfilled - the things I wanted to do, the places where I wanted to go...Life gets by so quickly when you are caught up in your routine.A hurried and (sometimes a worried lifestyle) leaves little room for those dreams to creep through.Its like every day you spend brooding or wasting doing worthless things, you are actually, unknowingly, distancing yourself from the bucket list one day at a time.

Dreams and the wishlists you have when you are growing up can be so silly.
"I want to fly, I want to touch the stars"

"I want to be an astronaut"

"I want to work for the Discovery channel"

But they make life a little more interesting.Don't you think?

I remember someone saying "What is life without an impossible dream?"

Let's face it,one can't have everything in life. We just have a limited "shelf life" on this planet and I am sure we cannot cram so much into our lives.I mean, you cannot be a doctor, an astronaut, an artist, an engineer at the same time!...(But yeah, being an astronaut, be able to fly, "touch the stars"  and working for discovery channel seems feasible!) But the point is, there is so much to do and so little time to do it.

Most of my life (most of my teenage years) got wasted in worries and fears.Even now, I waste my time over useless and worthless things that in the end dont even matter.What I fail to realize is the amount of time of my life I am wasting over such nonsensical things!
And then, one fine day as I happen to see pictures of friends doing all those things I wanted to do... BAAM!! Realization hits me! "Look at you!...whatever happened to that bucket list!"

I am getting old!...And I've got so many things to do before I die.

So I guess its time, I took up that list again and did something about it! Its time to pray over it and God willing I would've ticked off every item on that list before I die :)

PS. why do they call it the bucket list anyway?*scratches her head*...Any idea?


Anonymous said…
Probably because all the things we want to do in our lifetime would not fit on a 'paper list' or a 'book list'?
adrielleroyale said…
I can identify with what you're saying, although I think I have been giving up on an item here and an item there. I've become afraid to dream! Thank you for encouraging me to dream big again, I love your comment "What is life without an impossible dream?" Thanks again for writing :)
neha said…
You know back in 12th std even I used to think why cant I do everything I wanna become a doctor, singer, writer, sea-diver, rockstar (lol)..everything together! But then I always knew that its not possible. And nowdays even the most feasible things seem distant to me :-(

I dont like that fact, but I love your post! :-)
neha said…
Oh btw, amazing profile picture :-)
Anonymous said…
Nice that you still don't worry like you did in your teenage years..

Ofcourse, one needs to dream.. dreams are things which make even the most miserable existence superbly worthwile!
pooja said…
yea....the list would be too long to fit in a book!

I am happy that my post could encourage someone...:) :) Thanks for reading!! :D

yea...when ppl are of that age they basically want to be everything! ;)
and Thank You!!!:)

"..dreams are things which make even the most miserable existence superbly worthwhile!"...
well said Captain! I'll remember that :)