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Of unsung heroes...

Aren't you sometimes so caught up in life that you forget to look around you?Aren't there times when your misery seems so big that you fail to realize that there are people who are roofless in the rains and struggling to make ends meet?

On my way back I was cribbing about the food at was my normal complain, "I am so bored of the way you cook mom!"....As my rickshaw stopped at the signal, I saw a dhaaba at the corner where a little girl who had just come from school was sitting in her uniform on the footpath.She watched her father frying pakodas at the stall and probably was asking him to take her home.She sat there, her eyes wandering and watching people pass by.As I looked at her...I my life more boring than hers? Am I sitting on a footpath watching my father slog so hard as the tiny little raindrops wet my shoes..?

 We so often complain when someone stamps on our foot in the rains...don't we?Doesnt it feel yuck and makes you yell …