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You are all that I know...


 "You're the one who gives me shelter...
and you're the light that leads me home
you're the love that gave forever...
Lord you're all that I know"
-(Hillsong United-All)
After a long time and after quite a bumpy ride here in Bangalore, I feel at peace today.Dont you feel good when you feel protected in His arms?! Dont you feel great when something inspires you to write?!
Dont you feel great when you know people pray for you and care for you?!

For quite some time I have fought with circumstances and tried to get things done my way.But I have realised that if its not God's will for some things to happen its best to give up trying to flow against the tide and accept His will.The best we can and should do is pray that He gives us the strength to face what He is putting us through and the ability to be happy through the toughest of times.

And the prayer of a needful heart doesn't just bounce off the walls!He hears them with His ears pressed to thos…

Without a rhyme... with a reason.

Everything I write seems meaningless. My world has run out of words. Every thought is left unexpressed.
How many times have I looked at this space wanting to write,
I do not know. I just clicked on the cross
and closed the window.
I wrote a few lines, I fell asleep As I closed my eyes watching the lights on the street.
I waited for someone to come for someone to hear for someone to lend me a hand to draw a lil near.
But all I found was silence... empty echos of my own voice.
Here I am again, finding myself waiting for the me within to arise Staring at the screen as the time flies.

I pen these words with a heart grief laden A poem without a rhyme but with a reason.