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Without a rhyme... with a reason.


Everything I write seems meaningless.
My world has run out of words.
Every thought is left unexpressed.

How many times have I looked at this space wanting to write,
I do not know.
I just clicked on the cross
and closed the window.

I wrote a few lines, I fell asleep
As I closed my eyes watching the lights on the street.

I waited for someone to come
for someone to hear
for someone to lend me a hand
to draw a lil near.

But all I found was silence...
empty echos
of my own voice.

Here I am again, finding myself
waiting for the me within to arise
Staring at the screen
as the time flies.

I pen these words
with a heart grief laden
A poem without a rhyme
but with a reason.


adrielleroyale said…
Oh how many times have I been there too! It is a miserable place. Then I begin to write, to get the feelings on paper, and as I do I feel just a bit lighter. "Without a rhyme, but for a reason" indeed! May your days be lighter and the weight lifted :)
pj said…
Thanks :)...
it feels terrible when all you want to do is write but when you just cant find the right words!
TP said…
this is how m feeling right now...
and this what exactly i do these days except for making a poem out of it.. :D