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Shaam Tanha

I finally found this song! Guess it was not really difficult! It's a song from Wake up sid. The song Shaam Tanha is by the band Agni and needless to say I just looove it!!

I saw Wake up Sid ...again!!I love watching this movie coz it reminds me of Mumbai all the time :):):)

Check out the song!


Je naina karun band band, beh jaye boond boond ...

Juggling between two cities

Why is it that we want something that we dont have and then when we get it we no longer want it?!

I no longer feel the excitement to go back to Bombay permanently.

I am finally starting to like it here in Bangalore.Here every night is a party with friends, work is (almost close to NIL) fun and weekends aren't so sad any more.It is so much better with not having to face anyone who would stop you from attending Sunday worship.

Yet I want to go to Bombay only to meet my family and a few friends.That's where my heart always will be!
But there it would be the same kind of a life-work till late every day and stay at home every weekend.

I miss the chat from Mumbai, traveling in local trains and the fact that the city never sleeps.
Contrary to that, most shutters are rolled down in Bangalore by 9-9.30 and by 10 you'll have to get out of malls in case you aren't planning to spend your night sleeping in one of them. But nothing beats the weather here!!Although the rains can play…