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When the road you are trudging seems all uphill...

There comes a time in life when you are down in the dumps.It feels like you will never come out of it.

Your job,career,health(mental & physical) everything goes for a toss.Everything is lurking in unpredictability.All it needs is slight push and it'll will fall off the edge.
If that isn't enough, the people you love the most are far away from you and suffering equally as you are.
You know their misery and yet you don't have the will or the strength to pick up the phone and call them,leave alone consoling them.

You pray hard, you try everything to make things work but you end up losing everything.

You want to cry to someone.You want to hear someone say 'It is going to be Ok'.You need a shoulder to rest your head on, just close your eyes for a while and feel peaceful.
But helplessly, you sleep on it only to find the next day worse than the one that passed.

All I wanted was to be happy, all I wanted was peace of mind...never knew it was so hard to find.


adrielleroyale said…
I so feel your pain! Today was exactly as you described, one of those days you repeat to yourself over and over "It'll turn out for the better, This too shall pass.." And it will. Tonight I'm having a glass of wine to help me sleep and then I shall try again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. Just remember that He has your best interests in mind, always.
PJ said…
Yes I know...but isnt it too hard sometimes to keep walking in faith?
Erised said…
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Rei said…
Came across your blog when I was searching for the Vodafone elevator lyrics. Loved this post. I can relate to it's hard to keep walking in faith. And as excruciating as the times are, and as cliched as it sounds, it gets better with time. (You feel like kicking people when they say 'time will heal' though). But I know...if it's not the situation that gets better, then the pain does, a kind of numbness takes over as you accept/get used the situation.

Heh may be I'll start a blog too :-)
PJ said…

"it gets better with time" said it right :)

sure will check it out!