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The step that separates victory from failure

What does it take to sail through when you have reached your wit's end, when there is no hope, no strength, no reason to keep doin what you have been doing so far?...
A step of faith.

I had tagged myself a failure.I cried my eyes out.There was no where to run.There was no escape and there was no turning behind. On one side was a valley and a mountain on the other! Did I feel like jumping off into the valley?Yes, but I didnt want to. I had run the race too hard to make another impulsive decision and see myself going down again.

He said 'I am your shepherd and that's all you  need to know! ' ' with perseverance the race that is set before you..'
I took that one step forward in the race which was the most difficult. And two weeks later, I realized that at that moment, I had actually crossed the line that separated failure from victory.

You see God's blessings manifest themselves in your life when you step out in faith, not knowing what lies ahead of you.When you are about to quit, all you need to do is hang in there a little while and God will come to the rescue! What more? He sends people to support you. He makes you live in the most uncomfortable situations and with people too tough to handle and then lifts you up and teaches you to love those same people who you think are 'so-not-my-type'!

I have learned to love because He first loved me.
I have learned to forgive because He first forgave me.
I stand here today, alive because He saved me.