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He is what they call the extra ordinary !

Have you watched Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls? If not, you should!! This man is crazy. He lives off food that no one can even think of eating. He eats fish's eyes because it has got fluids in it that are good for health, he sets up traps for animals, hunts them, cooks them and eats them. He drinks dirty water from among rocks and cacti!
He knows exactly the kind of stuff that is needed to keep a human alive in wild.

Be it swimming across rivers with icy chilled waters, building rafts out of logs, igniting fire out of wood with a knife, building a "tent" out of dried leaves,sleeping in gaps between large rocks or catching fish with hand made spear...he does it with such dexterity and does it so marvelously! One will start to think, what is this man made up of after all?!!

What I really dont understand is how the cameraman manages to shoot all of this while running with the camera in one hand and trying to shoot Bear Grylls' antiques. It must be so difficult to catch up…

feels like I am freeee falling!!!

I dont know what tomorrow will bring!....I dont know where I'd be! I dont know how many of my dreams will come true.I know nothing at all!!!

All I know is I am loving this moment!! I am high on life...high on music!!! Feels like I am freeeeeeee falling!!! :D :D :D