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Take Me Away Somewhere Far Away

I have noticed that  a post I wrote long time back 'Take me away somewhere far away' has got a lot of hits and people have been visiting my blog through google while searching for this Ad song.
I have no idea how this song has become so popular suddenly ! But anyway since someone requested me for this song. Here is the link where I downloaded it from.


(PS. this continues to be one of my most favorite vodafone ads- the elevator commercial ♥ ♥ ♥... :))

It's about that moment in time that's forever gone "...

It's the same place that I came back to 3 months back. It was the same place I am constantly fighting to go to every single day.This is the place where I have lived since I was born. Yet, as I sat near the window watching those roads lit by orange street lights there was an emptiness I couldn't define....
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"Raste na badle na badla jahan,
Phir kyon badalte kadam hain yahan"

(The roads are the same, the world is the why have the footsteps changed?)

Life can move so fast sometimes that you wouldnt realise what you are leaving behind.And when you stop and turn around its all gone in a moment's time.

Shut up. Just shut up!

I cannot stand eternal pessimists - people who are just negative about everything. They think that just because they could do nothing, others dont stand a chance to do the same either. I have no offence against people who do not have political views but I do object such people commenting on political causes, criticizing the people who take initiatives for the betterment of people and sit on their couches and pass statements like 'Is desh ke corruption ka kuch nai hoga'. (Nothing can do away the corruption in this nation)

No matter how much you try to prove your point and instill a hope in their minds they always win. Because you always fall short of words when they start to speak about the negatives points regarding an issue and there is no point raising your voice to convince them. It never works.

The worst part is when you have such people talking against the government, its policies and the people running the government in your own house!

All you can do is just shut up and …