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Thought of you

I am completely in love with today's Google Doodle. It is animated by Ryan Woodward and it is so so so good!!

The above video is an animation again by Ryan and its just beautiful! The song is 'And the world spins madly on' by Weepies.

I need Happy Landings!

With me, it is ironic how planes fascinate me and scare me too! Ever since I was a little kid, I loved watching airplanes. Every time a plane passed fast across the skies I'd run towards the window to have a look at it. I also remember me and my then best friend waving goodbye to planes.

I'd love to look at the smoke trail left by jet planes in the sky! At first I used to think it was a rocket! (what?! Dont they show how rockets leave behind a jet of smoke during take-off??!).I think my fascination for 'air borne vehicles' and space related things inspired me to become a pilot, an astronaut and an astronomer!!

Don't you think its cool when those fighter jets take off from aircraft carrier decks with a whooping speed!! And when you see those movies where pilots in their uniforms are walking out of their aircraft with their helmets in hand and with their aviators on?! I love that kind of stuff!
I just loved the whole idea of being an astronaut flying in space and enjo…