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I need Happy Landings!

With me, it is ironic how planes fascinate me and scare me too! Ever since I was a little kid, I loved watching airplanes. Every time a plane passed fast across the skies I'd run towards the window to have a look at it. I also remember me and my then best friend waving goodbye to planes.

I'd love to look at the smoke trail left by jet planes in the sky! At first I used to think it was a rocket! (what?! Dont they show how rockets leave behind a jet of smoke during take-off??!).I think my fascination for 'air borne vehicles' and space related things inspired me to become a pilot, an astronaut and an astronomer!!

Don't you think its cool when those fighter jets take off from aircraft carrier decks with a whooping speed!! And when you see those movies where pilots in their uniforms are walking out of their aircraft with their helmets in hand and with their aviators on?! I love that kind of stuff!
I just loved the whole idea of being an astronaut flying in space and enjoying the view of the earth from the vantage point !!

But as much as I have seen these space exploration shows and their likes on the Discovery channel, I have also seen air crash investigations!! And they've left me terrified. Although I am now a little used to it, I am still afraid of flying ! I mean if you are traveling in a bus and it breaks down in the middle of the road, you can get down and take another one. Ever imagined the same scenario with a plane?! Yikes!!

The worst part is, I get recurring dreams of plane crashes! I have woken up many times with a shudder after seeing planes crash around me in my dreams.They say when you keep getting the same dream repetitively, it means  something, Well, I say in my case, I don't want to know what it means!!!

But I've had enough of those nightmares now! They are the ones responsible for my fear of flying!! Yesterday when a friend of mine wished me 'happy landing! ' before signing off, I realised how I actually..literally needed one!
After all the nightmares I've had so far I only hope to have happy landings in my dreams and otherwise too! :P

PS. Believe it or not...The last time I was flying home, I saw another tiny(it was at such a great distance from my plane) plane passing in the opposite direction.It was gleaming in the sun light and immediately caught my eye!! :)


adrielleroyale said…
I just flew home yesterday from Kentucky :) I LOVE taking off and seeing everything getting smaller and smaller. Turbulence reminds me of a roller coaster and the landing too makes me smile every time. My recurring nightmares are usually with tornados. Although oddly enough when I had them, I still felt an odd sense of peace despite the chaos. What I like to pray when I don't understand my recurring dreams is "Lord, either tell me what this means or give me peace about it.". Anyway, may you have peace when you fly!! :)
PJ said…
You know, that is the case with me too!....I see planes crashing somewhere around me but I am not involved in those crashes! Thank God for that!! :)