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You are all that this heart lives for.

"..Broken I run to You for Your arms are open wide  I am weary but I know Your touch restores my life  so I'll wait for You...  so I'll wait for You ..."

Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it all ...

Sometimes you dream of things and then you forget them. But its interesting how He never forgets them! Not even the smallest or silliest of dreams!He takes a note of all our dreams, lists them down and decides a perfect timing for all of those things. And then little by little He grants all our wishes according to His will and His timing! 
It has happened with me time and again. And every time it happens it makes me smile and wonder how He takes care of every little thing that every person on this earth asks for! 

Just something..! has been a really really long time I have written anything at all!

Its been 4 months since I moved back home(Bombay) from Bangalore(yaay!). I have this 'I-get-attached-to-every-place-I-go-to' syndrome. Bangalore was no exception. I made some great friends and had an awesome experience. To be independent and be on your own is a different experience altogether!
There have been some really tough times living away from home but its great how at the end, all those phases dont really matter. All that really matters is the times you have enjoyed! I didn't cry while leaving for home. Coz I knew I wasn't leaving anything behind. I was numb. In a way peaceful. I felt my purpose of going there was complete. And I was returning back home like a soldier after a war. Safe, sound, victorious.

And ever since I got back home, I have been working like crazy!! Sometimes I loved it. But working without taking any breaks at all can really start to frustrate you. It was the sam…