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Just something..! has been a really really long time I have written anything at all!

Its been 4 months since I moved back home(Bombay) from Bangalore(yaay!). I have this 'I-get-attached-to-every-place-I-go-to' syndrome. Bangalore was no exception. I made some great friends and had an awesome experience. To be independent and be on your own is a different experience altogether!
There have been some really tough times living away from home but its great how at the end, all those phases dont really matter. All that really matters is the times you have enjoyed! I didn't cry while leaving for home. Coz I knew I wasn't leaving anything behind. I was numb. In a way peaceful. I felt my purpose of going there was complete. And I was returning back home like a soldier after a war. Safe, sound, victorious.

And ever since I got back home, I have been working like crazy!! Sometimes I loved it. But working without taking any breaks at all can really start to frustrate you. It was the same for me. I love to work but provided I am given my one week vacation once in 3 months and a few days off in between those 2-3 months(lol...too demanding an At the end of 3 months when the assignment I was working on was in full swing, I absolutely lost it! The deadlines were killing me and I just prayed to God -'Lord, I need a break!' and guess what happened?
Well something happened that I cannot disclose here but I got a three week long break!(not officially a leave but something more or less on the same lines)
So people, God answers ....Oh yes He does!
With the kind of work I do it is difficult under normal circumstances to get such a long leave. But what is impossible with God? Absolutely nothing!

So one of my missions was to finish the book I was reading. And I completed reading 'To Kill A mocking Bird'. The book is absolutely wonderful! A delight for the bookworms! If you love reading books I am sure you would not have missed it! But if by any chance you have, well you have to and I say HAVE TO read the book!
It is amazing to imagine the whole story as a little girl by the name Scout describes it. The book might be dealing with a serious topic but the fact that you see the situation through a 9 year old's eyes is what makes it different.

And since I am on 'book reading spree' I have started with 'The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank'. And so far its been good. I can already relate to the letters that she has written. As I read through some of the chapters I went -'Hey...I wrote some similar entries in my diary!'

There's a lot to write but cannot seem to fit in all those things together in one post!
So until next time my dear blog friends and whoever is reading this post..



RiĆ  said…
good for u! its always good to take a break every once in a while. And abt reading, i cant remember when was the last time i picked up a book. :(
PJ said… too...started reading after quite some time!

Welcome back PJ.. its nice to have you here.. :D
PJ said…
thank you for reading Jess! :)