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Aye dil hai mushkil, jeena yahan jara hat ke jara bach ke, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan

A month after living a luxurious and peaceful life in Pune, I am back home. Yes home, in a city that I always longed to come back to.

Travelling here is such a task! No I am not just talking about the city's "lifeline" as they call it. Travelling to the closest possible place can take you a minimum of half an hour during peak hours. Pollution is on the rise but who cares. We breath in a number of toxic gases but we are so used to them now. A place to stand in the train(on one foot sometimes) is more than enough. If it rains the city is a mess and if doesn't it is still in a state of  mess. Where is the peace here? At home? Where there is  not enough water to drink or even if there is the color/stench of the water can turn you off. Mumbai is a city where everyone wants to come and see what is so good about this place that everybody praises it so much. And when they come here what does Mumbai have to offer? Roads in bad shape, plastic filled nullahs, filthy trains, wa…