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The Wallflower

Life can be so crazy sometimes.

Lately I have been so stuck with my work. I have absolutely no life beyond it. It is just driving me nuts.

It is a job where I am making money. But 'am I happy?' is the question I keep asking myself every single day.
I feel like a soul trapped in this body that just wants to be freed. It wants to do what it wants to do. No questions asked. Period.

Socially, I am still a wallflower. I keep to myself most of the times. I rarely go to places I get invited to. Everything feels like a waste. 'Why do this and why do that? What's the point?!' I feel like an alien in this world.

I need a break. And a big one. Time away from work. Time spent in doing something worthwhile than just writing crappy codes and making money.


PS: Any suggestions for a good book to read? Mockingbird was the last one I read and I am desperately trying to find a good book.