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The Wallflower

Life can be so crazy sometimes.

Lately I have been so stuck with my work. I have absolutely no life beyond it. It is just driving me nuts.

It is a job where I am making money. But 'am I happy?' is the question I keep asking myself every single day.
I feel like a soul trapped in this body that just wants to be freed. It wants to do what it wants to do. No questions asked. Period.

Socially, I am still a wallflower. I keep to myself most of the times. I rarely go to places I get invited to. Everything feels like a waste. 'Why do this and why do that? What's the point?!' I feel like an alien in this world.

I need a break. And a big one. Time away from work. Time spent in doing something worthwhile than just writing crappy codes and making money.


PS: Any suggestions for a good book to read? Mockingbird was the last one I read and I am desperately trying to find a good book.


Serendipity said…
Hey .. dont get so weighed down.. I know what it feels like to go to work and not 'love it'. Sometimes we have to make decisions based on rational choices and end up not following our passion and thats just the way life is..

THAT being said, DONT not go to parties [ basically, GO] , or spend time with others - going out will help you balance out the negativity ur feeling, and help you feel lighter..

Here are some book recos -
1) The Infinite lightness of being [loved it! - but its deep]
2) That used to be us [ Thomas Friedman - business'ish general knowledge type book - great light read]
3) Doctors - Erich Segal - my all time favorite love story
4) A bed of roses or the twentieth wife by Indu Sundaresan .. a retelling of the story of Noor Jahan.

I've given you light to deep and heavy recommendations - hope u find one that works for u!

Chin up, girl! :)
PJ said…
Thank you Serendipity! I am trying to go out as much as possible and NOT be a loner :)

And also about the books I've read Doctors and I loved it too!!One of my favorites